artist:blackwater character:nyx creator:lolzorg cum cum_on_plushie grinding lifesized male masturbation oc penis pubic_hair quality:720p toy:custom_plush toy:plushie vertical_video video

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Uploader Lolzorg,
Tags artist:blackwater character:nyx creator:lolzorg cum cum on plushie grinding lifesized male masturbation oc penis pubic hair quality:720p toy:custom plush toy:plushie vertical video video
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- Reply
Lolzorg: Probably the only video I'll upload with audio LOL.
- Reply
Anonymous1: Great video ! keep up the good work, and I would like more videos with this beautiful pony
- Reply
Anonymous2: Can you cum under her ponytail next time please

- Reply
Lolzorg: @Anonymous: Sure. I don’t have her currently. A friend is borrowing her. I’ll do more once I have her back.

- Reply
Lolzorg: @Anonymous: you mean like on her back or the back of her head? She doesn’t have a pony tail. I’ll see if my friend can do that next time he plays with her
- Reply
Anonymous3: I meant cum where her crotch should be

- Reply
Lolzorg: @Anonymous: Ahh. I’ll ask my friend if he could do that.

- Reply
droids101: Very nice! I've always wondered. Are you holding the camera in your mouth?

- Reply
Lolzorg: @droids101: I have a clip that I use to hold my phone with my mouth. I need to figure out something different lol
- Reply
Anonymous4: Daawww what a cutie, she looks so soft <3 I love her mane!
You've got a nice fat cock too, stud <3
- Reply
Anonymous5: @Lolzorg: Aww that's a shame, I loved hearing you moaning and grunting. So hot~

- Reply
Lolzorg: @Anonymous: Hehe, Thanks. She definitely is soft.

- Reply
Lolzorg: @Anonymous: I may upload another. Not sure though.
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