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  • 09-12-23 - Updated the page regarding takedowns. Please check Reporting for more information.
  • 12-04-23 - Fixed the performance issues and some bugs with searching tags and wiki pages. If you know how to setup a Philomena imageboard, please contact me at The migration code for the existing site is almost done, but I can't figure out how to run Philomena in production.
  • 10-04-23 - As you have probably already noticed, the site is often very slow and there's also constant problems with spam. I've been trying to migrate the site to something more modern for a while now (Philomena).
    If you have some time to help or advise on setting it up, please send me an email to That way the website can hopefully continue to exist.
  • 13-07-21 - Site registration is temporarily closed because we've been flooded with weird fake registrations.
  • 08-02-21 - Migration is done! Everything is now back to normal.


Lyrabooru serves as a website for any original or web found content regarding merch sexploitation and plushophilia regarding My Little Pony.

Anything you find publicly from open websites or groups may be posted and cross linked here. This way, the website can be an archive to bring content to one booru without relying on external hosting sites where uploads may expire or posts can get deleted.

We do not like it when private content gets leaked and posted without consent. And we especially don't like it when information can or have been used to dox other people.

Please think before you upload anything that it was already public and meant to be shared, and include the source. And when the content is not public, ask for permission from the creator!
Likewise, it is also important to check your own content before uploading to make sure it does not include any personal information that can identify you, or for example a custom plushie that you do not want to be recognized online.

Please use the report an image option to report something for an admin to review in the following cases:
  1. When it breaks any of the Rules or seems inappropriate.
  2. When you are the creator of any of the artwork shown and you want to be either (a) credited or anonymized (aka have an artsist tag added or removed), or have said post removed due to copyright infringement (see information below)
  3. When the picture or video was shared here without your consent. Please include a link to a picture and the plushie or item with a written note stating your name or the sentence "Lyrabooru takedown". We can not verify dick pics or cum tributes uploaded from other accounts, as they cannot be used to identify you.
  4. When it's duplicate. Please report the upload which is of lesser quality and provide the ID to the related image for reviewing
  5. When an upload is supposed to be rotated. Please do not reupload, because an admin can rotate it with the click of a button for you
  6. When an upload is locked and you want to see a tag getting added or removed
  7. When an upload is locked and you want to see the source getting changed

* Copyright takedowns require you to be able to provide proof that you are the creator of the artwork shown.
Keep in mind that reports are publicly visible. So don't add any private information.
  1. You can for example add the text "Lyrabooru takedown" to your website or public art gallery and then provide a link.
  2. If the artwork is private, for example from Patreon or an art pack, then it's best to send me a dm if you have an account, or an email stating that you are the owner and want to have something taken down. Please including a link to your website where I can see and verify your contant information.
  3. You can find my email address via the Contact link on the bottom of the website.