character:rainbow_dash creator:ikananprincess cum cum_on_cutie_mark cum_on_plushie cutie_mark grinding male masturbation no_audio penis toy:build-a-bear toy:plushie video

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Uploader ikananPrincess,
Tags character:rainbow dash creator:ikananprincess cum cum on cutie mark cum on plushie cutie mark grinding male masturbation no audio penis toy:build-a-bear toy:plushie video
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- Reply
sponad: Dude....that close-up shot is amazing. That's my favourite so far.
I also love your pics. She looks so good posing with your cock.
- Reply
ikananPrincess: @sponad: Cool! Thanks. I wanted to shoot it across her body as well like in your Pinkie video, but I like how it came out anyway. I'm glad you like the photos too!

- Reply
Lyra: Great video as always! Am glad to see your cute Dashie gets so much love =3
- Reply
ikananPrincess: @Lyra: Thanks! Yeah, I'm obsessed with her. (And I love it when people keep cumming on the same plush)
- Reply
Nightfog: @ikananPrincess: yessssss same tho, that’s always the best, imo~ when a plushie gets lots of love ^^
Speaking of! I love all these lovely pics and this super sexy vid omg~ what a thick shot and a lovely dick ^//////^
- Reply
ikananPrincess: @Nightfog: Thank you!!
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