character:apple_bloom cock_tribute creator:prurientity filly foalcon has_audio male masturbation penis quality:1080p video

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Uploader Prurientity,
Tags character:apple bloom cock tribute creator:prurientity filly foalcon has audio male masturbation penis quality:1080p video
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Prurientity: Just as a heads' up: there's audio in this video. The tag is off.
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Anonymous1: Please do more screencaps from the show! This is so hot~
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Anonymous2: @Anonymous: Thank you! I lost my login information, but I may either sign up for a new account or e-mail the admin to see if I can recover my password somehow, but probably the former, as I don't wanna burden Lyra. >w< Oh, and I'm also not that interested in clop anymore (though in-show screencaps of fillies are, like, better to fap to, but I still wanna expand my horizons to furries since I got burnt out on ponies and it's starting to feel a bit basic for me: even IF it's popular because it's some of the better rule 34 out there. But it's been some months, so maybe it's a time for my resurgence.
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Anonymous3: @Anonymous: I clopped yesterday, but there are other problems. I feel like there's a high amount of people who show off their penis with more advanced techniques and equipment, the flickering and lighting issues of my current setup bother me to the point of feeling physically agitated, and haphazardly tying reality into these immersive escapist fantasy worlds seems paradoxical and unprofessional, so it may be time for me to give up on making cum tributes. As for plushophilia: I have an Anonfilly plushie, but there is even more competition for plushophilia than tributes on here, and she's hard-to-find, so idk if I should get her dirty. And pony plushies are usually either very expensive or have inconsistent designs that aren't sexually appealing, so I don't plan on buying new ones when I can find good other brand plushies for cheap.