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Tags character:derpy hooves creator:that purple horse cum cum on plushie toy:build-a-bear toy:plushie
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Lolzorg: Do you have a Luna? I'd love to see some stuff with her. Celestia and Cadence as well.

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That_purple_horse: @Lolzorg: Yes I have Luna I also Have All of the Build-a-Bear ponies except Big Macintosh. I also own a few other miscellaneous mlp plushies along with 2 custom plushies. so anything is possible But I will try to think of something special to do with Luna soon!

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That_purple_horse: I've been thinking about doing a cumshot on derpy's cutie mark/butt would anyone be interested in seeing that? or should i keep this one to myself? There is a lot of stuff i do to my plushies that I don't post because I don't think anyone else would be interested, but if you are let me know and I would be more than willing to share anything I do with them!

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Lolzorg: @That_purple_horse: I'd love to see it. I like pretty much anything lewd involving plushies.

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That_purple_horse: @Lolzorg: Thanks I will post the derpy pictures soon Then I will eventually start posting some of the other things I enjoy doing to my plushies mostly it is plushie sex that does not always include cumming on/in them I also do some watersports with them occasionally But I also realy enjoy just taking pictures of them in lewd scenarios. Let me know if your interested in any of these things more than others and I would be more than happy to start posting some other content. I always enjoy creating new content But I also Have alot of stuff I've done going back a few years That has never been posted anywhere and I wouldn't mind sharing it knowing others are interested in seeing it!

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That_purple_horse: @Lolzorg: I am working on a special video with Luna that I plan to post sometime around valentines Day it will be an overproduced video in pov looking like I'm on a "date" with Luna...I'll leave it up to your imagination as to how the video will end ;)

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Lolzorg: @That_purple_horse: Sounds nice!
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