Tagging guide

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Tagging guide

When you want to upload new content to this website, please make sure to follow the Rules First.

When your content meets the rules and requirements, please follow this tagging guide when uploading!

1. Add the source
Please add the source to where you found the content, if any. If it's your own content or there is no source it can be kept empty.

The source should lead to the exact page where it comes from. Example: https://derpibooru.org/763220 (so not just https://derpibooru.org).

2. The "artist:" and "creator:" tags
The artist:<name> tag is meant to show the artist of a specific plushie, drawing or art or custom made product.

You can use the tag creator:<name> to credit the creator of the content. This can be your own nickname or someone elses. This is totally optional.
We respect everyone's privacy, so please only use this for public content where the name is visible on the source.
  • artist:clopper23
  • creator:anonymous
  • creator:rdcic
  • creator:sluttyshy

3. The "fetish:" tag
This is a very important tag which you should double check for every upload! The fetish tag is meant to differentiate "strong" content from the other uploads. This is the kind of stuff most people probably don't want to see, so it's also filtered by default.
  • fetish:cum_jar
  • fetish:destruction
  • fetish:diaper
  • fetish:scat
  • fetish:watersports

4. The "character:" tag
We ask you to tag all included characters. If a character is unknown, you can use the tag character:character_needed
  • character:character_needed
  • character:cheerilee_(g3)
  • character:milky_way
  • character:pinkie_pie
  • character:twilight_sparkle

5. When uploading a video file or gif
When you upload a video file, please use the follow tags if they apply. All videos should be tagged as video. The music tag is meant for when there's background or foreground music being used.
  • Gif:
  • animated

  • Video:
  • video
  • vertical_video

  • Audio?:
  • has_audio
  • no_audio
  • music

  • Quality:
  • quality:480p
  • quality:720p
  • quality:1080p

6. The "toy:" tag
Try to tag the toy(s) which is visible in the images or videos you upload. A few examples are:
  • toy:blindbag
  • toy:brushable
  • toy:build-a-bear
  • toy:figurine
  • toy:mcdonalds
  • toy:plushie
  • toy:inflatable
  • toy:4de
  • toy:backpack
  • toy:bad_dragon
  • toy:burger_king
  • toy:calendar
  • toy:calendar
  • toy:custom_plush
  • toy:chance_the_stallion
  • toy:dakimakura
  • toy:doll
  • toy:dildo
  • toy:equestria_girls_minis
  • toy:fleshlight
  • toy:funko
  • toy:keychain
  • toy:mary_the_anthro_mare
  • toy:mousepad
  • toy:mystery_minis
  • toy:pop_figures
  • toy:rowan_the_draft_horse
  • toy:statue
  • toy:sugarstar
  • toy:trading_card
  • toy:t-shirt
  • toy:vinyl_figures
  • toy:vibrator

7. Cum and fluids
Try to tag the fluids that you can see. These are the most important ones.
  • Cum:
  • cum
  • cum_in_condom
  • cum_in_fleshlight
  • cum_jar
  • cum_on_dakimakura
  • cum_on_fleshlight
  • cum_on_laptop
  • cum_on_paper
  • cum_on_plushie
  • cum_on_tablet
  • cum_on_toy
  • cum_on_t-shirt
  • dried_up_cum
  • fake_cum
  • precum

  • Vaginal secretions:
  • vaginal_secretions

  • Pee:
  • pee
  • pee_on_plushie
  • pee_on_brushable

  • Cum tribute (usually video's or pics where someone cums on one or multiple character(s)
  • cum_tribute

8. Gender and genitalia
These tags are only used if the genitalia is clearly visible in the screenshot or video. So don't use these tags if only cum or a small part or shape is visible.
  • anus
  • female
  • male
  • masturbation
  • penis
  • transgender
  • vagina
  • breast

9. Other tags and common tags
Besides the more important tags there are also a few common tags. Another rule of thumb can be that you can add tags based on what you see. These are all optional and meant to make searching for content easier.
  • /mlp/
  • anthro
  • bondage
  • chains
  • condom
  • cosplay
  • crotchboobs
  • cutie_mark
  • dirty
  • equestria_girls
  • futa
  • grinding
  • insertion
  • ipad
  • kissing
  • lifesized
  • precum
  • public_hair
  • sex
  • slideshow
  • sounding
  • sph
  • tablet
  • two_men