anus character:fluttershy creator:flutterbatty lifesized socks sph toy:american_meat toy:custom_plush toy:dht toy:plushie vagina

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main image
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Uploader Flutterbatty,
Tags anus character:fluttershy creator:flutterbatty lifesized socks sph toy:american meat toy:custom plush toy:dht toy:plushie vagina
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- Reply
Nightfog: Such a gorgeous rear!

- Reply
Plushiphila_Pie: Her back does look really nice. What about her front? I'd love to see more :)

- Reply
Lecker_Cidre: Beautiful
- Reply
Anonymous1: would love to see you fuck her if youre not too camera shy.... she needs her ass creampied!
- Reply
Flutterbatty: @Lecker_Cidre:
Thank you!

Thank you! I have a photo of her front, here:
- Reply
Anonymous2: What a heavenly sight
- Reply
Anonymous3: sooo cute

I hope you fuck her a ton!
- Reply
Anonymous4: did you make that?
- Reply
Gorat: Fantastic Shy! And great booty!
Would love to see her on her back with those her spread legs...
Or get her on my bead head down ass up ready for some breading! >:P
- Reply
Anonymous5: Hope to see more of her
- Reply
Flutterbatty: @Anonymous: Sure have!! She's a good mare~ And thank you! She's my waifu and my first lifesize Shy that I've gotten.
- Reply
Flutterbatty: @Gorat: Thanks! I do have an image like that somewhere, but her toy just isn't all that visible from that angle, so it wouldn't really look like much unfortunately.
The latter though, I've definitely done that with her. She just loves it. <3

- Reply
AnonPony69: She's fire!! :3