character:rainbow_dash creator:ikananprincess cum cum_on_plushie no_audio toy:build-a-bear toy:plushie video

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Plushiphila_Pie: Nice one. She got a lot of love already.
- Reply
ikananPrincess: Yeah. I usually give her a gentle wash after, but I love that you can still see the stains anyway. She can treasure them forever
- Reply
Nightfog: Really nice video~ such a thick shot, and dashie is looking so cute! I totally agree with y’all that the stains are really nice too, they make her look so snugglable!

- Reply
Lyra: @Nightfog: I agree. Very huggable :3
- Reply
Anonymous1: Very good
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ikananPrincess: I love snuggling with her and seeing the cum stains on her cute, happy face is always so hot. I wish I could share her around with some of you
- Reply
Nightfog: @ikananPrincess: oh gosh if only! that's a fun thought!
we'd be lucky to get to snuggle her~ maybe even to add a couple spots of our own hehe~

can't wait to see more of you two!