artist:blackwater character:princess_luna creator:lolzorg dirty fetish:destruction lifesized toy:custom_plush toy:plushie

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Uploader Lolzorg,
Tags artist:blackwater character:princess luna creator:lolzorg dirty fetish:destruction lifesized toy:custom plush toy:plushie
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Anonymous1: why so mean ? :'(
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Anonymous2: I'd love to see a video of her getting eaten by a garbage truck
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Anonymous3: No
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Anonymous4: She needs someone to show her love.
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She needs someone to show her love.

Totally agree with that.
But if OP is gonna throw her away, might as well get more content out of it
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Anonymous6: that luna looks like it went through hell so sad
i cant even afford such a beautiful plushie and you throw it out :(
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Anonymous7: @Anonymous: just hope is just a joke and that luna is safe :(

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Lolzorg: Shes fine. Had a bit of in incident while drunk. Can’t even tell she was damaged now. I spend 3 days sewing her up loop by loop. Shit was tedious. I did get art of this though. Not sure it’s allowed here. It’s technically plush related.
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