character:trixie_lulamoon creator:theponypal97 cum cum_on_plushie has_audio male masturbation penis quality:1080p toy:4de toy:plushie vertical_video video

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Tags character:trixie lulamoon creator:theponypal97 cum cum on plushie has audio male masturbation penis quality:1080p toy:4de toy:plushie vertical video video
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- Reply
Anonymous1: imagine being left handed
- Reply
ThePonyPal97: @Anonymous: I am right handed, I just masturbate with my left hand because it's more comfortable for me
- Reply
Anonymous2: I am right handed too and also fap with left primarily. It's easier and allows me to operate a mouse or phone while doing so.
- Reply
Winter: Regardless of what hand you use I'm glad to see you used Trixie, she deserves it
- Reply
ThePonyPal97: @Winter: True, Trixie deserves all the love!
- Reply
Anonymous3: That Trixie looks really cute, where did you get her?