character:starlight_glimmer creator:gryphonlover cum cum_on_plushie toy:plushie

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Uploader GryphonLover,
Tags character:starlight glimmer creator:gryphonlover cum cum on plushie toy:plushie
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GryphonLover: This is actually mine, I forgot to login before posting. I tried my hand (dick?) on some plushies after reading how to clean them thanks to Lilskunk, but tbh I didn't really like it much? Dunno, didn't give me the same feel as when doin it with small toys. Also I missed most of the cumshot so she ended up with not much on her face

also why the hell does my uploads always end up sideways

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Lyra: @GryphonLover: I set you as the uploader since you forgot to login. Well, yeah... that is a very nice HD picture. Can't explain why you didn't enjoy it since I like plushies more than the plastic toys. But I guess it's personal and maybe you need to try it more often. Not sure.

About sideways uploads: I fix those by hand so you don't have to worry about it. It's a stupid bug in the software because it's crappy and old. It happens when you use any modern camera or phone to take pictures and it doesn't recognize that it's supposed to be rotated.
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Winter: @GryphonLover: Well at least you tried it, it's not for everyone. Maybe it didn't give you the same feeling because a smaller toy is almost completely covered but a larger plush is just a certain area.

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Liliskunk: @GryphonLover: Don't feel bad for not enjoying it as much! We all have our preferences.
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Twidash: @GryphonLover: well atleast you tryed, but I must say it looks cute on her nose
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