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Tags character:starlight glimmer creator:flitter cum cum on plushie male masturbation no audio penis toy:plushie video
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Liliskunk: Delicious!
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GryphonLover: Been thinking of doing that with mine but how do you guys clean them up afterwards?
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Winter: @GryphonLover: Generally try pulling off as much as you can with a tissue or something, then you can take the lazy route of throwing them in the washer and dryer if they're smaller, or spot clean the area you hit.
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Anonymous1: how do you shot cum backwards?

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Liliskunk: @GryphonLover: Pull the cum off with a tissue (do not rub at it, that drives it deep into the fabric), literally pull it off.

Then dab at the remaining fluid with more tissues to soak it up.

Then use a damp white rag in warm water to wipe the fur in and against the grain. Let it air dry. Get yourself a FLAT firm-bristle toothbrush and brush the fur out with it.

If you need soap then use a small amount of GENTLE laundry detergent with NO perfume and NO fabric softener. What works for me is Tide "Free and Gentle". Just a tiny bit in a bowl of warm water, white rags, and gently spot clean.

Be sure not to soak the plush, only get them damp in the process. When done put them in front of a fan to air dry quickly.

I do not recommend machine washing, personally.
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GryphonLover: @Liliskunk: Thanks! Will try that, let's see how it goes

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Liliskunk: @GryphonLover: So far I have had great luck with the process. :) I used to use "Teddy bear cleaner" but they stopped making it.

Because of course they did.

For future reference, fabric softener can damage minky. Which is why you want to avoid it.
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Anonymous2: Unnff, your cock is amazing <3
Such a great and tasty load too~
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