character:princess_cadance creator:jamesw69 cum cum_on_plushie toy:build-a-bear toy:plushie

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Uploader JamesW69,
Tags character:princess cadance creator:jamesw69 cum cum on plushie toy:build-a-bear toy:plushie
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- Reply
Anonymous1: Unff! More like this!
- Reply
Dumbponut: Well, I guess it does work as a hole, heh!

- Reply
Liliskunk: Hey mods, the tags got trolled.
- Reply
Anonymous2: I inverted her horn. It’s not destruction. Someone requested this, and I did it.

- Reply
Liliskunk: @Anonymous: Still counts as destruction to me- also considering her mane has been cut off.
- Reply
JamesW69: When I bought her, she came without hair. I’m planning on getting a new mane/tail for her when I get the money.
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