character:princess_celestia creator:Lolzorg fetish:watersports male no_audio pee pee_on_plushie quality:720p toy:build-a-bear toy:plushie vertical_video video

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Uploader Lolzorg,
Tags character:princess celestia creator:Lolzorg fetish:watersports male no audio pee pee on plushie quality:720p toy:build-a-bear toy:plushie vertical video video
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- Reply
Liliskunk: Whew lad! That's a nice session. :3

- Reply
Lyra: <3! You picked the right pony for this~ :D

- Reply
Lolzorg: @Liliskunk: Thanks. It was fun to do

- Reply
Lolzorg: @Lyra: I’ll do Derpy or Luna next.
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