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Tags blowjob character:rarity cock worship creator:plushmlp cum cum on cutie mark cum on plushie cutie mark doggy style face down ass up grinding male missionary narrative no audio penis precum quality:1080p sex story toy:2017 movie plush toy:plushie video
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Anonymous1: Maybe you can show how, embarrassed by human fashion, Rarity undo your belt, undoing the button and zipper, and then lowers the pants to look at your underwear?
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Winter: Wow, that was a well put together video and I'm sure rarity enjoyed every moment it
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PlushMLP: @Anonymous: I will see what I can do. I haven't quite convinced my gf to help with puppeteering, so my abilities are limited that way. The next video like this one will feature Rainbow Dash (which has already been filmed and will go live on Monday at the Twitter account in the source), but I'll see what kind of shenanigans I can work into the one after that which will feature Applejack.
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PlushMLP: @Winter: Thank you! Yes, I am trying to make content which focuses more on the plushie as a character. The twitter account in the source is, more or less, a roleplaying account where the story is of a man who meets with, and "hangs out" with, pony plushies for a week. Each week will feature a different plushie. I only have 5 for now, and I'll get more if this project takes off. If I stay at below 100 follows and this thing remains niche, then I'll just cycle through the 5 ponies I do have until I get bored with the project and abandon it.
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Anonymous2: @Winter: Well... Rarity loves to play with fabrics, so playing around in manipulating men's clothing around the crotch should be something special for her. She could make undoing a belt and unbuttoning buttons and zipper more special than just undressing her loved one. I have not seen any video where someone using a plush plays with their clothes around the crotch. Of course, to make it special, it can't be immediate, just that it should last for a while so that Rarity herself can enjoy the fact that she can unbutton your pants during that time. If you can, try extending the undressing process.
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Anonymous3: @Anonymous: My runtime limit is 2:20, so I can definitely make longer videos that include more foreplay/undressing/teasing. I'll brainstorm some ideas for the Applejack scene and I'll keep this in mind for the next Rarity scene.
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Anonymous4: @Anonymous: That's great. There is very little foreplay/undressing/teasing content in the other videos, so this option is sure to be a variety than regular masturbation or sex.

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Lyra: I really like this video and like others said it is really nicely edited together. Is it fun to make these? I can imagine the camera and the work taking away from the fun and the experience. Regardless of that, I really hope to see more from you in the future and I can't wait to see the others of the mane six as well. Very hot!

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Lyra: Just checked out your Twitter and woah.. I hope you feel like uploading more in the future! Great stuff

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Liliskunk: LOOOOOOOVE <3
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PlushMLP: @Lyra: Thanks so much for the comment! Yes, it is fun to make these videos. These projects have my two favorite things: Sex with plushie ponies and videography. I've been an amateur videographer for about 10 years, and I noticed that plushophiles had a severe lack of romantic, narrative-driven content available. (And as they say, "Be the change you want to see in the world." lol). It is a lot of work to maintain the camera, blocking, lighting, set, and erection at the same time, but I really do have fun filming, editing, and all of that.

I do plan to upload more content in the future, but I didn't want to overwhelm the site and be inconsiderate of the other creators that are also trying to show off their stuff; thus, I've limited my uploads to the weekly big projects like the one shown here (the next one features Rainbow Dash). Also, thanks for checking out my Twitter! :D I'm super glad y'all like what I'm making. <3
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PlushMLP: @Liliskunk: <3
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