artist:phoenixrk49 character:izzy_moonbow character:pipp_petals creator:prurientity cum cum_on_tablet cum_tribute g5 ipad tablet

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Tags artist:phoenixrk49 character:izzy moonbow character:pipp petals creator:prurientity cum cum on tablet cum tribute g5 ipad tablet
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- Reply
Transgresstity: I'm not sure if Lyra disagrees with my reasoning or they simply haven't gotten around to my report yet, but note that if I continue making pony tributes, I won't be publishing tributes to independent artists' works without permission moving forward (so don't request them and don't complain if most of my tributes are to the show itself). I've reported everything I could find to relevant bodies (not just here) stating I don't consent to my nude content being used if it contains independent artists' works that I didn't obtain permission to use. If neither respond, then I'm not going to crack down hard, but it'll establish these as piracy sites (albeit petty ones).

I apologize if I've stressed out or otherwise upset the artists of the works I've published tributes to. I shall try to do better.

- Reply
Transgresstity: I reached out to two of the artists whose work I made tributes to to see if they'd grant permission. However, I'm currently looking for a better means of contacting Phoenixrk49 than X.

- Reply
Transgresstity: I found a means of contacting Phoenixrk49. I hope my translation will be clear to them.

- Reply
Lyra: @Transgresstity: I have replied to your report by sending you a dm. Also, I really don't like your attitude here, so please try to clam down a bit before you throw in accusations of piracy and consenting to "your nudes being used" when you are the one (presumably) uploading them. Which is honestly hard to tell when the person commenting and the person uploading have a different account all together.

- Reply
Transgresstity: Lyra and I are in-contact regarding the proof of ownership of certain tributes I made under the Prurientity account. I've sent what I believe to be a certain degree of proof (including mentioning my username on my main Derpibooru account [this website doesn't have a password reset feature I could find, but I tried to use it]) of ownership and argued that some artists don't want their works used in this way. As for me having uploaded here and consent: consent can be revoked. I didn't revoke consent for all of my tributes: just the ones I made without the artist's consent. If Lyra believes it's best due to insufficient proof or site philosophy that artists file the takedowns themselves, I suppose a compromise could be that I inform the artists that their art has been used in this way and they can file a claim themselves if they don't want their art used like that.

The one thing I'd argue, though, is that my 'attitude' isn't that bad. The worst I said is that I implied Lyra may neglect reports, but I didn't instantly accuse them of that, and I phrased it in a way that suggests they might've been busy in the moment or have a more Twibooru-esque approach towards takedowns. I tried not to act Karen-esque, either, but still firm and direct. I apologize if I spoke rudely. I could tone police Lyra's responses, but I saw an effort to be kind and compromise, and MLP is about that, so I'd prefer not to argue. ^^;

Thank you for taking your time to talk this over, Lyra. I'll be out on vacation in the mean time.
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